Alice in Hell.

Alice in Hell
is the debut album by the Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator, released in 1989. This album and its successor Never, Neverland are considered masterpieces of Canadian heavy metal.

Track listing

  1. "Crystal Ann" 
  2. "Alison Hell" 
  3. "W.T.Y.D." (Welcome to Your Death)
  4. "Wicked Mystic" 
  5. "Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade" 
  6. "Word Salad" 
  7. "Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II"
  8. "Ligeia"
  9. "Human Insecticide" 

Bonus tracks - 1998 re-release

  • "Powerdrain" (Demo)
  • "Schizos (Are Never Alone), Parts I & II" (Demo)
  • "Ligeia" (Demo)


  • Jeff Waters – Guitar, Bass, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals (background), Producer, Guitar (Classical), Mixing, Cover Art Concept, Lyrics
  • Randy Rampage – Vocals, Vocals (background)
  • Dennis Dubeau – Vocals (background)
  • Anthony Brian Greenham – Guitar
  • Wayne Darley – Bass, Vocals (background)
  • Ray Hartmann – Drums


  • Paul Blake – Engineer
  • Frank Donofrio – Engineer
  • Victor Dezso – Photography
  • Chris Gehringer – Remastering
  • Jeff Kitts – Liner Notes
  • Marie Nishimori – Liner Notes
  • Satoshi Kobayashi – Reissue Design
  • Len Rooney – Logo, Cover Art
  • Recorded and mixed at Live West Productions, Fiasco Bros. Studios, New Westminster, B.C., Canada

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