Notable quotes of the Caterpillar.

Malice in Wonderland

  • "Watchya lookin' for?"
  • "5-3-5 and 2-6 and 1. Lucky eyes here now. Before delivery is done."
  • "Trapped, Mister. See this eye? I'm no pillar, I'm a cat. Post man chiller is where I'm at."
  • "Saving your ass from the SPG. Them mothers will lock you down and trow away the key."
  • "Tell it to the judge. The sentence is life and they don't budge. My hooker, she's a looker. Hit me scratch and I even let you."
  • "Affective wit a rhyme! Check it out now, Don Jon."
  • "Encontrar, now's when folks need it most."
  • "Not a pill on the planet I don't know and you can't buy."
  • "'For Your Hear' BITCH! That's a heavy pop."
  • "When memories come back, some you keep and some you trash in the can."
  • "No access to the party without an invitation."
  • "I know *just* the location."
  • "Ciao from the hydroponic Bonnie and Clyde."

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