Malice In Wonderland poster featuring Alice, Whitey & Felix Chester

Malice in Wonderland.

This article contains the list of companies who assisted in the making of the film.

Production Companies

  • 6 Sales (presents)
  • Mark Williams Films (co-production)
  • 2B Pictures (co-production)
  • Sherazade Film Development (in association with)
  • Screen East (in association with)
  • Future Films (in association with)
  • UK Film Council
  • Zero Gravity Management


  • Quality Films (2010) (Mexico) (theatrical)
  • Shooting Stars (2010) (United Arab Emirates) (theatrical)
  • Aya Pro (2010) (Japan) (DVD)
  • D Productions (2010) (Turkey) (all media)
  • Magnolia Home Entertainment (2010) (USA) (DVD)
  • Paradise Group (2010) (Russia) (all media)
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (2010) (UK) (DVD)

Special Effects

  • Agog Special Effects
  • Nvizible (visual effects) (as Stranger)

Other Companies

  • ARRI Media (Arriflex D-21 camera provided by)
  • Audiolink Radio Communications (walkie talkies)
  • Cutting Edge Group (music services)
  • HireWorks (final cut Pro HD hire)
  • MJ Knights Military Effects (armourer)
  • Monkeyland Audio (ADR Facility)
  • MovieScore Media (soundtrack)
  • PS-PostScript (post-production scripts)
  • Pepper Post Production (post-production)
  • Salon (Avid equipment rental)
  • Screen East (funding)

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