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General Information
Gender Female
Affiliations Swede
Status Alive
Debut Malice in Wonderland
Appearances Malice in Wonderland
Portrayed by Pam Ferris
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Doochey is a character seen in the film.

Movie Story

Doochey is seen speaking to Whitey. Later, Alice arrives at her home. Doochey then speaks to Alice. She diagnosed Alice with TBI. Doochey then helps Alice by giving her an invitation to Harry's party.


Swede works for her.

Whitey is an affiliate of Doochey.


Main article: Doochey/Quotes.


  • She represents the Duchess.
  • When asked by Alice, she stated that she likes her head where it is, she then touches her neck, this is a reference to the Red Queen's saying, "Off with her head!"; meaning that Harry Hunt's method of execution is beheading.

Film Portrayal

Pam Ferris portrayed Doochey.


Malice in Wonderland
Film Malice in Wonderland (2009)
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