Quotes of Doochey.

Malice in Wonderland

  • "White Knight?"
  • "Liar!"
  • "I've got just what you're looking for."
  • "Nice Thai, silky smoothe."
  • "Well, what are you looking for at my desk?"
  • "I've been invited but I shall not go."
  • "I like my head where it is, on my head."
  • "The invitation is yours, in exchange for one thing, knowledge."
  • "Eyes darling, eyes!"
  • "Why would an inconsequence like you wannago to such awful do?"
  • "And what's so good about home?"
  • "Slither into your subconscious, your subterranean brain."
  • "TBi, Traumatic Brain Injury."
  • "To your right."
  • "The mind is a maze of memory and knowledge."
  • "These are the things you know."
  • "Top drawer to your right."
  • "Follow the red lights, red means go."

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