The Fish Footman and the Frog Footman from -Alice’s Advebfntures in Wonderland- (1865)

Frog Footman.

An anthropomorphic frog with a bow tie and white hair who serves as a footman to The Duchess. He received a letter from a fish-footman to give it to the duchess.

In the 2010 movie, there are multiple Frog Footmen who work for the Red Queen. One of them was about to be executed for eating the queen's tarts as he was too hungry.

The Frog Footman does not appear in Walt Disney's 1951 film, though there is a drum frog with a detached green head and green legs and a cymbal frog with eyes on top and blue legs in the Tulgey Wood.

In the computer game American McGee's Alice, even though the frog-footman do not appear in game, searching through the files on the disk prove there was indeed a Frog Footman programed for the game. To view this character in game you need to open the game console and type "actor c_frogfootman"

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