Flowers frontispiece

Alice with the flowers.

The flowers Alice meet include a tiger-lily, a rose, daisies, a violet, and a larkspur. Alice first meets them in the garden, where they mistake her for a type of flower that can move. The one Alice first makes contact with is a Tiger-lily, who sets the other flowers straight. When Alice asks if they are frightened when no one takes care of them, the rose tells her that the tree in the middle is there. The daisies tell her that it says "Bough-wough," which is why branches are called boughs. Then all of them make shrill voices and don't stop until Alice whispers that she will pick them if they don't hold their tongues. The violet rudely tells Alice that she had never seen anyone looked stupider, of course, she had never seen anybody herself as explained by the tiger-lily. The rose tells her there is another flower that can move like her and looks like her but that she is redder, her petals are shorter, and she wears her thorns on her head. The larkspur hears this flower on the gravel-walk. Alice discovers that the red flower is the Red Queen, her hair the petals and thorns the points of her crown. Alice leaves the flowers to meet the Queen. Some of the flowers are pawns with the daisies being both red and white, while the tiger-lily and the rose are white.

In the Disney movie, Alice meets them just before she meets the Caterpillar. They sing her a song called the "Golden Afternoon", from All in the golden afternoon.... They are voiced by Lucille Bliss, Queenie Leonard, Doris Lloyd, Marni Nixon and Norma Zimmer.

They also appear in the 2010 movie. They are played by Imelda Staunton, whose head was filmed and digitally added to the Flower Heads.

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