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Malice in Wonderland (Nazareth album).

Malice In Wonderland
is the eleventh studio album by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, released in 1980.


Band members

  • Dan McCafferty - nysse (sic) singer
  • Manny Charlton - guitars
  • Zal Cleminson - guitars, synthesiser
  • Pete Agnew - bass guitar, also nysse (sic) singer
  • Darrell Sweet - drums

Other credits

  • Jeff Baxter - producer tracks 1-10, guitar, synthesizer
  • Greg Mathieson - string arrangements on "Fallen Angel"
  • Paulinho Da Costa - percussion on "Turning a New Leaf" and "Talkin' 'Bout Love"
  • Alan Estes - vibes on "Fast Cars"
  • Venetta Fields, Sherlie Matthews, Paulette Brown - back vocals on "Heart's Grown Cold"
  • Terri & The Semiconductors - back vocals on "Big Boy"
  • Nazareth - producer tracks 11-14.
  • Recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Amy Nagasawa - album design

Chart positions

Chart (1980) Peak
German Albums (Media Control) 43
Norwegian Albums (VG-lista) 9
US Billboard 200 41


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