Malice in Wonderland soundtrack.

The music that surrounds Alice in Simon Fellows’ modern day setting of the Lewis Caroll fantasy classic is a totally unique mix of beautiful fairytale themes in waltz meter, dark and noir-ish melodies for electric guitars, cimbalom, trumpet and saxophone, infectious banjo riffs, playful Hammond organ tunes, catchy jingles, indie rock, sentimental piano music and steamy club music.

Brothers Christian and Joe Henson draw inspiration from their big collection of odd instruments when they created the score for the film, resulting in an truly unusual and exciting mix of musical styles, perfect for the dreamy and sometimes nightmarish setting of the film.

As a listening experience on its own, Malice in Wonderland is both interesting and entertaining – listeners will have a smile on their lips throughout the whole album, which also features two songs, “Where Are You?” performed by Betty Steeles and the wacked-out “Titty Song” featuring Bobby Chitlin.

Track Listing

1 Harry Hunt 2.21
2 Whitey 3.46
3 Chase 3.44
4 Gonzo 5.28
5 The First Kiss 3.03
6 Doochy’s Mansion 2.29
7 Caterpillar 3.52
8 The Maze 1.16
9 60 Seconds 2.47
10 Alice in Gonzo’s Flat 2.24
11 Felix 1.37
12 Whitey’s Arrival 0.30
13 Heart’s Nightclub 4.29
14 Trial 1.41
15 “When!” 1.31
16 Alice Runs To Whitey Part 1 2.11
17 Alice Runs to Whitey Part 2 1.07
18 Taxi Ride to Mum 1.07
19 Childhood Home 1.30
20 Felix Runs 2.11
21 Where Are You? 2.57
22 Mum 2.39
23 The Titty Song 1.50

Malice in Wonderland - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack Malice in Wonderland - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer/Artists Joe Henson - Christian Henson - Betty Steels - Bobby Chitlin
Songs Harry Hunt (song) - Whitey (song) - Chase - Gonzo (song) - The First Kiss - Doochy's Mansion - Caterpillar (song) - The Maze - 60 Seconds - Alice In Gonzo's Flat - Felix - Whitey's Arrival - Heart's Nightclub - Trial - When! - Alice Runs to Whitey, Pt. 1 - Alice Runs to Whitey, Pt. 2 - Taxi Ride to Mum - Childhood Home - Felix Runs - Where Are You? - Mum - The Titty Song

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