The Manual of Style serves as the official guide to editing this wiki.

Adding Content

  • No fanfiction is allowed. Be sure that is an official work.
  • Add as many pictures and/or information as possible.


  • Add the catergory: Images to every picture that you upload.
  • Add a caption to every image.
  • Pornographic images are not allowed.
  • All image types are allowed.
  • Be sure to add the proper name of the artists for the Fan Art images.


  • Remove as much external links as possible.
  • Only use internal links.

Style Tips

  • Bold the name of the object/thing the article is about.
  • Use complete sentences, no fragments please.
  • If the edit is not minor, please include an edit summary.
  • End all sentences with a period.

Spamming and Vandalism Policy

  • If an anonymous IP or registered user is found to be spamming the Malice...Alice  Wiki with links containing illegal content, pornographic content, or just spam in general(i.e. gambling websites, etc.) they will be banned for an infinite amount of time. This is non-negotiable.
  • Anonymous IPs and registered users found to be defacing the wiki (deletion of large sections of articles, etc) will receive one (1) warning instructing them to halt all such actions. Continuation of vandalism at the wiki after receiving a warning will earn the offender a 6-month ban period.

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