Marjorie Torrey (also known as Torrey Chanslor and Marjorie Torrey Hood) (born 1899, date of death unknown) was an illustrator and winner of two Caldecott Honor books in 1946 and 1947. It appears that although her married name might have been Chanslor (Husband Roy E Chanslor died 1964 CA) all of her other names including Marjorie could be pseudonyms. see 3rd external resource. It Appears her last marriage was to Tom Bevans (Tom Torrey Bevans) of Cornwall Ct. He renewed copyright to several of her books in the 1970s and she published a book or two and drawings under name of Torrey Bevans.


  • Sarah’s idea (1938) As Illustrator Copyright Renewed 1966 Tom Torrey Bevans
  • Our First Murder (1940)
  • Our Second Murder (1941)
  • Penny (1944)
  • Artie and the Princess (1945)
  • Three Little Chipmunks (1947)
  • The Merriweathers (1949) Copyright renewed 1976 Tom Torrey Bevans
  • New star of the show (1949) as Illustrator Copyright Renewed 1976 Tom Torrey Bevans
  • Alice in Wonderland (1955) - as illustrator
  • Far from Marlborough street
  • Trouble for Jerry Doris Gages Illustrations by Marjorie Torrey
  • Saturday Night is My Delight
  • Sing in Praise Illustrations by Marjorie Torrey
  • Abide with Me Illustrations by Marjorie Torrey
  • Hoodo that Voodoo Illustrations by Marjorie Torrey
  • Songs to sing with the very young


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